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Wednesday Navy

2011 Wednesday Navy in Review

The season was bookended with rain. We started with Judd's steak appreciation lunch for the WAM staff who had worked tirelessly to get the marina through the floods.
It rained. We ended with a gourmet bratwurst lunch grilled by the inimitable chefs Brian and Beverly. It rained. In the middle, however, we had a bit of everything, all glorious! There was the day it blew 30 and we did the entire course, including rounding the mark in Cove 4, with double reefs and handkerchiefs for jibs, in 2 hours. There were also a few days when it took a bit longer than 2 hours-maybe close to 4. We practiced our starting skills on many ingenious lines. We tried different strategies to beat Bob Westrich and his stalwart Misty II crew, but alas, he emerged victorious at the end. However, we are all taking comfort in the obvious demonstration that some things DO improve with age!

Above there is a picture of the well-fed Wednesday Navy crew. We welcome newcomers and returners to our fold next year. In the meantime, we will be eating lunch at the Great Grizzley in Soulard on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Eating is one of the activities at which we excel. We are also good at exaggerating sailing accomplishments, joking with each other, and enjoying ourselves.

Should you wish to be on the Wednesday Navy e-mail list, please contact
Bonnie Newell by email: and for a large fee, she will add you to the list.


To all brave, healthy, and able bodied sailors in this neighborhood, who have any inclination to


the Encouragement at this time, that:

Wednesday Navy Sailors challenge will be offered on the Second Wednesday of the Months May, June, July, August, and September.

Providing that, According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency and Weather Underground, there will be at least
4.3 knots (5 mph) of wind at 1 PM and the heat index will not be above 93.

Your attendance may be received at the Dam, starting at 1 o-clock in reverse PHRF sequence.
Those who favor with their attendance and win, will have the opportunity to fly the Wednesday Navy burgee until the next engagement.


Embrace this opportunity of attendance with the spirit of honourable and truly respectable character.

Recruit a fellow sailor, neighbor, or friend. All cabin sailors on the lake are welcome.

Your PHRF starting time will be posted at the Carlyle Yacht Club clubhouse.

For questions or crew, contact Judd at 314 892 4475